What is the best piece of equipment for me to buy?


While it would be easy to give a stock answer to this question and try to make a quick sale, we cannot give you an answer until we know more about you, your history, any limitations etc. So please give us a chance to speak with you and find the best option to fit your needs.

Do you deliver and install equipment?


Yes, we offer complete delivery and installation in your home. Or should a customer perfer we assemble the equipment at our store for pick up.

Do you offer financing?


Yes, we offer financing as well as acceptance of MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards.

What do we do if our equipment has a service problem?


Call us at (800) 244-1882. If it is under warranty for parts and labor, we can arrange to send someone there to repair your equipment. If it is only under parts warranty, we will order the parts for you and then you can choose whether to use us, an independent whom we recommend, or someone of your choosing to service your equipment.

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